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The microscopic examination of hairs,
, according to the FBI, involves analyzing hairs mounted on a slide through a microscope. Long hairs are positioned as figure eights so that the analyst can see the hair from root to tip. More than one hair can be examined at once, although too many will cover underlying hairs. For an effective examination, the microscope must have proper illumination and be in a good working condition. Keep the microscope clean to prevent dust,
, dirt,
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Through microscopic examination, analysts can distinguish animal hair from human hair. Pigment in human hair is generally consistent, while animal hair can exhibit radical color changes. In human hair, pigmentation is evenly distributed while pigmentation in animal hair is more centrally distributed. The medulla, a central core of cells not always present in human hair,
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Microscopic examination also allows classification of human hairs by race: Caucasian (European origin), Negroid (African origin) and Mongoloid (Asian origin). The criteria taken into account while classifying by race are shaft diameter, shape of the shaft,
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DNA analysis comes in two types: nuclear and mitochondrial.

Nuclear DNA analysis includes Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism,
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, Short Tandem Repeat technology and Y chromosome analysis. For these types of analyses to work, nuclear DNA must be present. Older biological samples,
, including bone, teeth and hair,
, lack nuclear DNA. Mitochondrial DNA analysis can be used to analyze the DNA structure of hair. Instead of nuclear DNA,
Cheap Authentic Shoes Air Jordan 12 Retro Playoffs, it uses DNA extracted from mitochondrion. Everyone has the same mitochondrial DNA as their mothers since mitochondria of embryos originate from the mother’s egg cell. Father’s sperm contribute only nuclear DNA. Using mtDNA could connect unidentified remains with a maternal relative.

Importance of Human Animal Hair in Solving Crimes

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Differences Between Human Animal Hair

Numerous differences exist between human and animal hair. Histology differs from.

Human Hair Vs. Animal Hair

The hairs of humans and animals have similarities,
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How to Make a Mixture to Get Rid of Mites in Human Hair

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