Welcome to Ecovise

Chloe Evans, founder of EcoviseI began my full-time working life 10yrs ago, on completion of BA(Hons) in Business & Finance, and have enjoyed invaluable experience in a range of industries and business types.  Though a thirst for something different was forever apparent, and was finally quenched upon undertaking a post-graduate in Sustainability through Swinburne University 2yrs ago.   I became particularly interested in the underlying power and influence of Community, as a driver for lasting change…

This inspired me to research local community based initiatives in my neighbourhood, and that’s when I came across the Sustainability Street Approach.  Myself and a co-inspired neighbour, have now begun our own ‘Sustainability Street’ initiative with support from local Council.  As a result, we are now having a great time meeting other like-minded people in our immediate local area, sharing knowledge & ideas on sustainable living – for more info see the section on Waverley Park -  and a recent Article in the Wentworth Courier.

There are many great initiatives like this, and I highly recommend getting in touch with your local council to find out what’s on near you.

And then the Federal Government introduced the Green Loans Program.  Finally, a NATIONAL initiative that recognises the need to develop awareness of environmental issues at a community level!  By offering households a Free Home Sustainability Assessment + tailored Report, the Federal Government is providing the much needed support that households need in order to reduce our impact on our environment, as well as minimise the financial burden of rising energy bills.  And so Ecovise was born…

United Nations Environment Program research indicates that 30% improvement is easily achievable through ‘good housekeeping’ of the easy, cheap ‘Low Hanging Fruit’. – We make on average 73 water use decisions, 66 resource/waste decisions & a whopping 213 energy decisions per 24hrs!!

These free Home Sustainability Assessments are a great opportunity to point householders in the right direction of smart (& often free!) saving opportunities.

Due to the popularity of the offering, this subsidy will only be available for a very limited time… in the mean time we at Ecovise are carefully listening to YOU and your needs and concerns, so that we can serve the community best once the subsidy has come to an end… so watch this space.

Ecovise has also secured contract with the likes of AGL, and the Australian Conservation Foundation, conducting Home Assessments for their client base.   We are also NABERS Accredited.