Our logo

It was so much fun creating the logo for Ecovise, as we posted an online competition with a guaranteed prize, & got to choose from over 420 submitted designs, making it a communal process.

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Ecovise has a longer-term vision of being a trusted and well regarded on-line forum site, driven by a strong belief in the power of YOU – the Community, and the influence we have on each other, particularly at Home where our values are generally formed and set.  Every individual has the opportunity to make a difference, and it can be done often at no cost, and from home!

So the winning logo therefore perfectly incorporated the 3 main elements of Ecovise’s priorities…

A person (with arms raised) –  Community, Personal Empowerment, Individuals, Family, Action, Positivity

A house –  Home: the place most important to each of us, Our Investment, Our Future, Our Sanctuary, Our Foundations, Our Place of Most Direct Influence.

A leaf (supporting the house) –  Ecology, Sustainability, Environment, Balance, Preservation, Nature.