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Do you know someone who might appreciate a free Home Sustainability Assessment (valued at $250)…?

Would you like to help others save money on their power bills, and contribute to improving the health of our environment in Australia?

If so, Tell a Friend or two below….

Please note, we would really prefer that where possible you refer Owner Occupier friends, as they tend to have greater capacity to act on their Assessment findings… though if you can’t think of any, Renters certainly still count, & get plenty of benefit! Thank You!

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ALTERNATIVELY… Copy & paste the below text into an email & send it to who you think would be interested…

Hi <blank>,

Just thought I’d forward you this info as I think you’d be interested, as it’s a free offer that’s about to expire.

You can have an accredited assessor come and visit your home and conduct a free Home Energy & Water Assessment.  You receive a report with tailor made recommendations on ways you can improve the efficiency of both water and energy about your home.

It’s completely free; there’s no sale or obligation.. it’s just a great free resource paid for by the Federal Government, that gives you really useful, practical information.

Do what I did, and book with these guys… Ecovise… and save this summer & winter..!  (

Hope you’re having a great day.

Cheers, <blank>

Thank you for helping us build awareness on how to reduce household emissions in Australia…. Your friends and family will thank you for it.

We will be emailing them info about the Free Assessments now, & will always offer an unsubscribe function.  We will absolutely not give anyone’s details to a 3rd party.