There are significant cost savings to be made at the moment, as Federal, State & Local rebates have been made available.  Some of these are already beginning to down-scale, so now is the time to make the most of them!

Federal Rebates

Home Sustainability Assessments -  get a certified Assessor to visit your home free of charge.
Interest-Free Green Loans
-  up to $10,000 interest-free loan, to be discontinued as of 22nd March 2010.
Ceiling Insulation
-  $1000 rebate on ceiling insulation to begin again in July 2010
Rainwater & Greywater
-  up to $500 rebates for installation of rainwater tanks or greywater system
Solar Hot Water
– $1000 rebate on solar hot water, when switching from electric – or $600 for a heat pump
Australian Solar Credits Scheme
-  Solar Credits offered through RECs for solar PV systems installed.
-  Renewable Energy Certificates

In addition to the Federal Government rebates, NSW Government also offers the following rebates via the Residential Rebate Program:

NSW Home Savers Rebatespart of a $100mil Residential Rebate Program

Rainwater Tank Rebate –  up to $1,500 for rainwater tanks connected to toilets and washing machines
Hot Water System Rebate –  up to $1,200 to switch from electric to solar, heat pump or gas hot water systems
Washing Machine Rebate –  $150 for buying a 4.5 star or higher WELS rated washing machine
Fridge Buyback –  $35 to have a second fridge removed from your home

Hot water systems, insulation or rainwater tanks installed to comply with BASIX (Building Sustainability Index) for new homes and major renovations are not eligible for a rebate.