Small Business Incentives

The Energy Efficiency for Small Business Program is available to businesses that use up to $20,000 in electricity a year, or have up to about 10 full-time employees.

The program offers:

  • a subsidised energy assessment and tailored energy action plan
  • 50% off installation costs up to $5,000 (for medium sized businesses) and up to $2,000 (for small businesses)
  • 4hrs of free facilitation in implementation & administration the energy saving actions taken.

Energy assessment

Businesses pay only $75 or $150, depending on electricity use, to the assessor at the time of the assessment.  This service normally costs up to $500.

50% off costs for energy efficient improvements

The subsidy is for implementing energy efficiency improvements as outlined in the Energy Action Plan, including:

  • lighting and skylights
  • heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and insulation
  • electric motors
  • air compressors
  • commercial refrigeration
  • boilers
  • insulation
  • hot water systems.

Your business can reduce its on-going electricity cost burden and risk, as well as minimise your GHG emissions.  A Certificate of Participation is issued, which can be used as Green Marketing collateral.

The Energy Efficiency for Small Business Program is part of the NSW Government’s $150 million Energy Efficiency Strategy. This strategy is helping NSW households, government and business save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

To arrange this generous opportunity, or find out more information, please call Chloe Evans on 0405 357 926 or Contact Us

Ecovise is working in conjunction with the Carbon Reduction Institute in delivering these Small Business Assessments.

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